Media is a sources of information entertainment and news. Which are magazines, Radio ,TV and the internet. These media provide information to all people. Media control the thoughts and behavior of every one. People can easily get information about domestic (internal problems and issues of the country ). There are three kinds of media. Electronic, print and social Media. In home we can easily gets newspapers and magazines of our choices. We can easily know from this what is going on other countries. We can read news about politics ,education, Business, agriculture. Audio, Visual media is easily accessible than the print media. whether people are literate or illiterate they can easily get the pleasures of music songs and dramas.

So newspapers ,TV programmes radio and internet can be use positively and negatively. Media can develop our minds as well as distort them. Media can make people wise and knowledgable. Media is entertained every class of people, old ,young and children.

Radio and TV also doing useful programmes on international affairs. We can easily now the relations between different countries, their disputes and their problems. Pakistan is a country where more than 150 million views of Pakistan. Mediaplay some negative role rather in positive way. Media has exaggerated the things. In programme or Media shows anything about the some incidents. Instead knowing that it is useful for the country or people. Media is also promoting violence through dramas and movies. It’s the responsibility of our media that it should not cross the limits. It’s the duty of our media that always showing good image of our country through their programmes. Media has played very important role in changing and renovating the ideas of people .The radio and TV should present programmes of a high standard not those harmful to the character of the people. Newspaper should pay constructive role. They should make these type of strategies through which they bring people closer.


Islamabad, February 20.