I would like to congratulate the whole team of Nescafe Basement for providing a platform to all the new artists who have talent and they wanted to share it with the world. Nescafe Basement has provided that opportunity to all those upcoming musicians. The team of Nescafe Basement has scavenged the schools and universities to search for the talent that can make Pakistan proud. After Coke Studio, Nescafe basement is another music session that is helping the talented musicians to refine their skills and restore our old songs. This show has achieved a massive popularity as Pakistani renowned musician Xulfi is mentoring the young talented musicians and people have a great expectation that Nescafe Basement Season 4 will be more successful than previous sessions. I think Nescafe Basement has a lot of new surprise in their bag and people will be astonished when they hear the next tracks composed by our new young musicians.


Lahore, February 20.