MULTAN  - Chairman Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Imran Khan on Sunday accused the ruling PML-N of buying the loyalties of politicians, stating it bought the politicians like sheep and goats with the money of public but the bought people could never serve the public.

Addressing a big public meeting held here at Jalalpur Pirwala in connection with NA-153 by election scheduled to take place on March 17, the PTI Chairman added that those who sold out their conscience could not stand for the masses but the PTI would never leave the people alone. He declared that he would never leave the residents of Jalalpur Pirwala alone or stranded. He further alleged that the PML-N held the auction of politicians in Changa Manga and Qasim Noon, a turncoat who was going to get PTI ticket, sought PML-N ticket instead of PTI. He said that the PML-N badly exploited the farmers and committed their economic assassination.

He declared that the residents of Jalalpur Pirwala were not alone as PTI Chairman stood with them. “I have never seen the masses in a worse condition than the current situation. No past government ever imposed 100 per cent tax on diesel. No farmer ever received such a lowest price of their crops or bought urea at such an inflated rate,” he maintained. The PTI chief declared that the government failed to purchase the conscience of PTI candidate and now the people would vote for Bat on March 17. “We need to reorganise ourselves to defeat the groups of turncoats and N League on March 17,” he declared.

Imran Khan warned that the policies of the government would further increase the burden of debt on public. “They are constructing a 17 kilometre long road at the cost of Rs 80 billion. The nation will get more indebted and they (the rulers) even richer,” he added. He alleged that the Orange Train project was launched for the sake of commission and the money minted in terms of kickbacks would be sent abroad where the sons of the rulers would buy new properties.

Speaking on this occasion, central leader of PTI Makhdoom Shah Mahmood Qureshi said that the PML-N and PPP completely ruined the politics of ideology.

He maintained that the PML-N leadership did not give preference to humans and did the politics of interests. He declared that the PTI would continue its struggle until South Punjab got its due rights. He said that the Kissan Package was a drama, as nobody received any cheque from the government.