Ex-MQM leader and former Provincial IT Minister Raza Haroon has joined Mustafa Kamal’s party, after landing in Karachi from London today, Waqt News reported.

While talking to the media Raza Haroon said March 3 was a day of courage. “I congratulate Mustafa Kamal and Qaimkhani for taking this great step,” he said. “When I saw that press conference I thought that he is saying absolutely right, as people had been fed up by MQM politics.

Haroon said MQM was not established for one person’s happiness or ‘worship’. “We became members to fight for the rights of middle class,” he said adding that MQM’s mission was to end quota system and to end discrimination.

“But it failed to achieve its real goal as nothing has changed. Instead, we have become a puppet for the government,” he exclaimed. “MQM has become a one man show, who talked while drunk and his speech cannot be heard with family.

He said the entire party has to explain and apologize for whatever head of the party says. “This is why the MQM leadership does not want to end the ban on his speeches,” he claimed.

Haroon said Altaf Hussain had invited all the foreign entities like UNO, NATO and even RAW to come to Pakistan. “But when he will come himself?” he asked. “MQM was called an anti-state party. Even though we have been part of three governments but still we are being called as RAW agents.”

The former MQM leader claimed the irony is that the top leadership is not denying the allegations. “The MQM worker was a middle-class, educated, politically enlightened individual but he was forced to act upon the orders of one person,” he said. “Even the international media including BBC has put the allegation of RAW funding to MQM, but the party has never challenged it in the court,” he added. “Even the top leadership in London like Tariq Meer has accepted funding from RAW and only four people knew about it. He is not giving statements under torture.”

“The credibility of MQM has ended as head of the party says something else at night and apologizes in the morning,” Haroon said. “The party has to realize that our reputation among people is being destroyed and still he says that millions of people are with us. The party has been run by few people as even in 1992 and 1997, he was not in the country and has no plans to come back.

He added that people who know the politicians who have joined Mustafa Kamal will join them because they have credibility. “Farooq Sattar should also join us instead of defending a wrong person,” he said. “This is the era of democracy and in this point in time either we follow democratic values or keep on following Altaf Hussain blindly,” he said. “There is no provincial Assembly in Pakistan where resolution has not been passed against him. It is our duty to tell the nation the truth.”

While responding to questions, Kamal said that he will announce the name of his party on March 23.

Former MQM leader and Karachi mayor Mustafa Kamal announced the creation of a new party, following his turn from Dubai on March 3. He has alleged that MQM has been taking funding from RAW and says he is providing in alternative to Altaf Hussain’s politics, which he claims has damaged the mohajir community. Since Kama’s announcement with Anees Qaimkhani important MQM leaders of like Dr. Saghir, Iftikhar Alam, Waseem Aftab have joined the party, with Raza Haroon the latest to jump ship.