Eight persons were killed over putting up resistance during separate robberies during the fresh spate of robberies that Kamalia Tehsil has witnessed for the past few months, a survey reveals.

According to the report of a survey conducted by this reporter here on Saturday, eight persons lost their lives along with cash and valuables during separate robbery incidents occurred in different areas of the tehsil. The gravity of the situation can be gauged from the fact that none of the outlaws involved in the incidents could be traced or arrested to-date.

Some notables this correspondent talked to, said that the increase in the street crime and killings on resistance have made the public lose faith in the police. They said that due to the prevailing frustration, most the people hesitate to get registered their complaints with the police.

They claimed that it seems that the police only fear of the Toba Tek Singh DPO while the criminals do not feel any fear of the police. “Show-cause notice to the officers, transfers to other police stations and harsh comments from senior officials do not have any positive impact on the performance of the police officers which is evident from their inefficiency and indifference towards maintaining the law and order.

According to a local legal expert who wished not to be named, the killings of eight persons in robbery incidents is undoubtedly a greatly lose “but for the heirs and not the police or any other official of the government departments.”

“As usual the police registered (mere FIRs) and kept on consoling the heirs with mere claims that soon they will reach to the culprits,” he pointed out, adding that but in fact the files of these FIRs would be closed and shelved as has been done with thousands of cases each year.

He criticised the police and said that it is the slackness and inefficiency of the police that encourage the criminals otherwise they (criminals) never dare commit a crime.

On the other hand, the common man, in the face of police behaviour, feels insecure in the streets and at home alike.

People of the tehsil demanded Punjab Inspector General of Police, Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif and DPO Rana Shahzad Akbar to take notice of the rising crime incidence in the area and take concrete steps to rein in the bandits and robbers who have unleash a reign of terror.