Even though the Punjab government seems determined to develop extensive road network and public transport system, what it lacks is a sense of priority. For example, developing Jail road and Gulberg Main Boulevard into signal-free zones was not as important as easing the traffic flow on Multan road ahead of the motorway overhead bridge up to Hudiara drain. CM Punjab is requested to view by standing on the motorway overhead bridge, how long-body buses approach the bus stand, which is located on the opposite side of the road and how the passengers cross the main Multan road to mount the buses.  

The stark difference is that these passengers are poor bus-travellers while the motorists on signal-free boulevards are generally rich, who do not deserve hardships faced by the commoners mounted on the bus tops. Understandably, a plan exists to develop 11 kilometres of Multan road, from Motorway overhead bridge to Hudiara drain, into eight lanes the plan is yet to be finalised by the government. The CM Punjab is requested to alleviate the miseries the road-users daily face because of traffic jams and congestion near the bus stand and ten kilometres ahead of it down south. 


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Lahore, February 20.