I want to enlighten a most problematic issue of our society through your newspaper that in Pakistani culture dowry system which is mostly refer as Jahaiz is one of the most rooted system in marriages. In old or ancient times the boy’s family would give gifts to bride’s family but after centuries the process had reversed. It is more likely to be a price of a bride. Now it is no longer a set of gifts but a contribution of girl and her family towards the beginning of practical life of a boy and his family. 

Pakistani society has been affected by dowry system so badly. Dowry system has created imbalance of women’s status in society. It is also causing conflicts in society because not only illiterate but many educated people are involved in this dowry system. It is also making women mentally and physically weak. 

Pakistan is a Islamic state but the practice of giving dowry is not a part of Islam and it is also refer to Haram. Although it is spreading widely in Pakistan and other Asian countries. So many women who are being torture by their in laws for not giving enough dowry. Although it is a man’s responsibility to fulfill every need of his wife. 

Women are becoming victims of acid attack and get brutally torture because of this dowry system. For the protection of women government should take action and implement some strict law against those society’s evil who are endorsing greed through the dowry. 


Karachi, March 4. 

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