If Pakistan accepts the invitation of Iranian Foreign Minister Dr. Javed Zarif to participate in Chahbahar seaport project and link it with Gawadar Port, Islamabad will be able to contain India’s activities in Iran. Without wasting much time, Islamabad needs to study the details of the invitation and accept the proposal if it does not propose any significant security threat for Pakistan.

Connecting the two ports have the potential to take millions of people out of extreme poverty who are living in these underdeveloped regions of both countries. Moreover, joining the two ports will enhance economic connectivity between the two countries. In return, the commercial connectivity will give way to gaining the trust of each other.

At present, both sides are suspicious of each other as Pakistan is a member of Saudi led Islamic Alliance which Iran sees as a vital threat to its interests in the region and Pakistan is concerned over India’s participation and control of Chahbahar port. Pakistan fears that India will disturb the already chaotic law and order situation in the restive province of Balochistan. Despite such concerns against each other, it is welcoming that both sides are visiting each other. Islamabad as well Tehran realise that instead of allowing others to decide for them, it is better for them to have bilateral dialogue and exchange visits to enhance bilateral ties and pave way for economic cooperation.

The increased frequency of visits between the officials of the two countries is indicating that the states want to come close to each other. Relying on each other and looking for regional alliances is what governments in both countries are in need of at the moment. Considering the response of Trump’s administration towards both countries, the need of the hour is to gain as much as possible from each other.