ATTOCK/OKARA-A PTI and PPP leaders defended their respective party's decision to join hands for the Senate elections. They said that there are no standard operating procedures in politics and all the decisions are made by the party leaders as per the ground realities and need of the hour.

Talking to journalists, PTI Secretary Information (North Punjab) Qazi Ahmad Akbar said that PTI Chairman Imran Khan was also taking decisions as per the need of the time and there was nothing objectionable in it.

He said every candidate intending to get party ticket for the next coming elections considers himself/herself on merit but who is on merit for party ticket will be decided by party Chief Imran Khan. He said those candidates in green zone will be given tickets in April while those in yellow zone will get tickets later. He said that PTI workers must remain united, work for the the betterment of it and must not give statement against one another. While talking about new constituencies and delimitations he said that in some of the areas PTI leaders have reservations and will soon knock the doors of judiciary and Election Commission.

To a question, he said that if party leadership makes decisions as per ground realities, the PTI will be victorious and if not does so its boat may sink. He said soon PTI Chief Imran Khan will visit Attock for party membership and meetings with party leaders and workers.

Talking about recent Senate elections, he said that it was the victory of the people of Balochistan as this was the first time that the Senate chairman has been elected from Balochistan. He said that support of PPP in Senate elections will make no effect on PTI during the forthcoming general elections.

He said that next general elections would be on-time and PTI would compete with PML-N. He said that PTI will take Panama case to its logical end as its purpose was to root out corruption and penalise the corrupt people.

Likewise, a PPP leader said that the senatorial elections have proved that the PPP is the symbol of federation and that the party's co-chairman Asif Ali Zardari is a national leader.

Former MNA Chaudhry Sajjadul Hassan said that Asif Ali Zardari always played a significant role in national unity, and showed his excellent political insight.

The former MNA said that restoration of 1973 Constitution in its complete and real form, delegation of powers to the provinces, privileges to Balochistan Package and recognition to the Gilgit-Baltistan (GB), had been well attended and resolved by Zardari. PML-N head Nawaz Sharif and now its president Shahbaz Sharif gave nothing to the people except skyrocketing price-hike, making scarce the availability of bread and job, setting Pakistan aloof amongst world power and weakening the national institutions.

He said the PPP would win the general elections 2018, like Senate success. Salman Qureshi the party information secretary said in his address that the success in Senate elections was consequence of the excellent strategy of Asif Zardari.