SWABI - Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Chief Minister Pervez Khattak said that there was dire need of honest and pious leadership to combat the confronting internal and external challenges with determination and put Pakistan on track of political stability and much-required economic prosperity.

The chief minister was addressing a gathering at a private school in Zaida on Tuesday. He also spoke to a public meeting in Gadoon Amazai and visited residence of MPA Meraj Humayun in Jhanda area, during which the woman MPA announced quitting Qaumi Watan Party and joining the PTI.

The chief minister said that the country was facing numerous challenges and corrupt leaders could not lead the nation to achieve the objectives of progress and change the destiny of the masses. He expressed profound concern over the country lagging behind in various fields, saying that leaders who ruled the country in the past were responsible for the entire mess and backwardness.

In a hint to Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) leaders, he said that the corrupt leaders could not lead the country and the slogans of economic progress were made just to mislead the people but the entire nation now knew that who were corrupt and how they accumulated wealth at the cost of the masses.

He said that other countries across the world had materialised their dream of progress in short span of time but we failed because the reins of power were in hands of corrupt leaders who focused only their own interest.

Pakistan and its people have the potential but what is missing is true and devoted leadership, he said, adding that the PTI had fought gallantly against the corrupt and vowed to continue its struggle.

The PTI was voted to power by people in 2013 because the people believed in the slogan of change, he said, adding that soon after coming to power, they focussed fulfilling the pledges.

The health and education sectors had been destroyed by the past governments and the PTI had to start from the zero to introduce result-oriented reforms, he said.

We are proud for what we delivered and have plans to do more in future as well,” the chief minister said.

He spoke in detail about the reforms introduced by PTI government in police, education and health sectors.

In Gandaf village, he welcomed the various leaders and workers of different parties who quit other parties and joined PTI. He said that they had made the right decision because due respect was being given to workers in the caravan of Imran Khan. On this occasion, QWP MPA Miraj Humayun also announced joining the PTI. She said that Imran Khan’s struggle against corruption had inspired her.

However, it has been learnt that about 2 months back when some of the QWP leaders had quit the QWP, she did not go along with them because she had not yet finalised the deal. Sources said that the PTI leaders had given her assurance that she would be awarded PTI ticket to return on women seats in the provincial assembly.