LAHORE - Dukhtaran Pakistan organised the international women conference titled ‘The woman is the pillar of civilization’.

The moot was held in collaboration with International Women Union, Punjab University, Lahore College University and Government Women University Sialkot.

Women from Indonesia, Sweden, Palestine, Sri Lanka, Kashmir, Iraq, Thailand, China, Norway, Italy, Turkey, Jordon and Lebanon attended the conference, which  marked the International Women Day, said a press release. Addressing the conference, International Muslim Women Union (IMWU) Chairperson Dr Samia Raheel Qazi said on the one hand women had been declared as fragile individuals who were the paramount of loyalty and peace and on the other they were seen as the source of spreading love and peace.

Secretary General of Jamaat-i-Islami Women Wing Ms Durdana Siddiqui said no notion of development of nations could be conceived without the active participation of women. There could not be a substitute to a mother’s lap and women being mothers must play their part in nation building but within the boundaries of their natural obligations, she added. Women, she said, had immense potential for effective deliverance of multidimensional roles. Men and women together strengthened the foundations of society, she said, adding that national policy making must be done in the light of Holy Quran and Sunnah.

  Dr Rabia Yalmaz from Turkey said a lot women and children were affected due to war. Worst type of violence against women could be witnessed in this age and “we together have to stop this” she added.

IMWU Secretary General Dr Affaf Ahmed Mohammad Ahmad Hussain shed the light on his efforts on the rights of women in Sudan.

Ms Halima Wakabi from Uganda, Ms Erva Molla-ibrahim-ogla from Turkey, Dr Shagufta Umar from IIUI Pakistan, Ms Durdana Siddiqui from IMWU Pakistan, Dr Amany Lubis from Indonesia and IMWU pattern in chief Dr Kausar Firdous also addressed the conference.

They said in Syria, Yemen, Palestine and Burma and many other countries women were suffering because of war and terrorism. The lives of women and children were not safe as the ongoing violence was aimed at their destruction.  If the woman was not safe then the whole civil society would come crashing down, they added. The said for a balanced and peaceful society, women would have to be provided an environment of peace, respect and security along with love so that they could raise new generations in an honourable manner.

The speakers stressed for an effective and active participation of women in the national development process. “The rights assigned to the woman in Islam should be ensured (inheritance, dowry, education, health),” they added.

They said steps should be taken to effectively implement the laws for safeguarding working women. “There should be grave punishments for the harassers of children and women.” “The relevant ministries should take immediate and effective steps to make the educational activities of women compatible with national and social needs,” they said and added women should have equal share in the decision making of political parties. “The effective role of women should be recognized in the formation of a healthy society and policies should be made at the state level which will help women with the fulfillment of this obligation.”