KARACHI :  Vice Chancellor, University of Karachi, Prof Dr Ajmal Khan, along with a famous Pakistani singer, social-worker and humanitarian, Shehzad Roy, inaugurated the KU Art Baithak at the Staff Club of Karachi University on Wednesday.

The KU Arts and Culture Society, which performs under the Students’ Advisor Office, organised different creative activities for the students in collaboration with The School of Writing.

The first session of Art Baithak was attended by the deans, chairmen and faculty members besides hundreds of students. On the occasion, KU VC Prof Dr Ajmal Khan expressed that extra-curriculum activities are also very essential to bring out creative ideas and said that students besides their studies should take part in such activities to enhance their skills.

“The idea behind staging such events is that we want to introduce the culture of tolerance, habit of taken interest in our own literature and culture as Karachi University is not only about academic activities, the University gives platform to students to find their talents and use them as per their choice.”

KU VC Prof Dr Ajmal Khan observed that students could discover their hidden talents by participating in such creative activities.

He said that youngsters must have the opportunity to express their feelings and society must listen to them as well.

“In past, youngsters and creative minded people do not much platforms to express themselves and on the other hand, intolerance was on the rise in the country and we had huge price for ignoring youngsters, this mistake should not be repeated again.”

A noted scholarly personality, Prof Dr Faiyaz Vaid, mentioned that he did not witnessed any event like this in his 31 years of experience related to Karachi University.

Dean of Arts and Social Sciences, KU, Prof Dr Nasreen Aslam Shah, said that social sciences plays very important role in the progress and development of any country. Founder of Zindagi Trust Shehzad Roy appreciated the efforts of The School of Writing and KU Arts and Culture Society, Students’ Advisor Office for establishing the Art Baithak.