LAHORE  -   The PML-N leaders are pinning their hopes on the Supreme Court’s decision, expected next week, on former prime minister Nawaz Sharif’s petition seeking release on bail on medical grounds.

The petition challenges Feb 25 decision of the Islamabad High Court that had rejected Mr Sharif’s petition for release for health reasons.

The three-time former premier is serving a seven-year jail term awarded to him in Al Azizia corruption case.

“None of the reports (about Sharif’s condition) suggests that continued incarceration of the petitioner, in any way, would be detrimental to his life,” the court’s detailed judgment had said.

It further said: “The petitioner (Sharif) has been hospitalised time and again since January, 2019, whenever he made complaints about his indisposition. In fact, the reports of board of doctors and various teams constituted are indicative of the fact that petitioner is receiving best possible medical treatment available to any individual in Pakistan.”

There are two possibilities: Either the top court would uphold the IHC decision or overturn it.

In fact, this decision will make it clear whether the former prime minister will continue to stay at jail or he will be free to shift to his palatial residences at Jati Umra or London and get a treatment from his choice doctors.

In case of getting bail, the bigger possibility is that Mr Sharif would go to London as early as possible and stay there with his family members. His sons Hussain and Hassan, both declared proclaimed offenders, and Samdhi Ishaq Dar have been living in London for quite some time and have no intention to return to Pakistan although the government is trying to bring them back through Interpol.

The acceptance of Mr Sharif’s petition will raise the morale of the party as well as of the Sharif family, but its dismissal will serve as a demoralizer. In that case, Mr Sharif will have to be content with the medical facilities offered by the government.

The health of Mr Sharif has been a subject of major controversy between the government and the PML-N leaders for quite some time.

While the PML-N people are worried about what they call the rapidly deteriorating health of the incarcerated leader, the government doesn’t think the situation is what is being portrayed by the Sharifs or other leaders of their party.

PML-N President Shehbaz Sharif, who met his brother at Kot Lakhpat jail only a day before, has been quoted as saying that his worries about the former premier’s health multiply with every meeting after witnessing his rapidly deteriorating health. He said PTI government was responsible for Nawaz not going to an appropriate hospital.

Maryam Nawaz said in a tweet: “I just got out of Kot Lakhpat jail. Mian Nawaz Sharif continues to have angina, last night being the latest recurrence.”

She said “In view of his health, the (regular) meeting on Thursday (today) would not be possible.

The former premier’s personal physician Dr Adnan Khan tweeted: “Mr Sharif is having recurrent angina. Significant coronary artery disease (heart disease) and co-morbidities (HTN, DM, CKD) coupled with stress have lead to exacerbation of symptoms & worsening of disease.”

This is the situation despite the fact that the government claims to be providing the PML-N supremo the best possible facilities available at any health facility. Doctors are available round the clock. A well-equipped medical unit is also available there on the direction of the prime minister.

Three cardiologists and other staff are attending Mr Sharif on a 24-hour basis,” Punjab government claims.

PPP Chaiman Bilawal Bhutto-Zardari who met Mr Sharif at Kot Lakhpat jail a couple of days ago supported the PML-N’s point of view.  He said the PML-N leader was looking ‘very ill’ and that he should be given treatment of his choice. Also, he said a heart patient should not be kept in stressful conditions as it would amount to torturing him.


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