Satisfaction couldn't be greater around Liverpool coach Juergen Klopp after his team proceeded to the last-8 round of the Champions League after a 3-1 victory against reigning German champions Bayern Munich in Wednesday's second leg of the last 16 round.

But what does Liverpool's smart performance on the Bavarians home ground mean for the outcome of the 2018/2019 campaign, the title race in the Premier League, and the Red's and the coach's future?

Talking to international media, Klopp spoke about having set a mark for LFC "as this victory is providing further confidence for the remaining competitions." The 51-year-old said the entire club is going to benefit "as many see us as a top international team, but it seems sometimes we don't do as much ourselves."

Having beaten one of the so-called big sons of European football "was a mature performance" which "widens our self-perspective and supports the team's development process."

"We've laid down a marker tonight that LFC is back on the top level of European football," he added.

Klopp underlined his team's capability to "play fast counter attacking football" but said at the same time the Premier League outfit is still exploring its additional abilities. "We wanted to act with a secure our defense after this was a vital reason's that made us reach last year's Champions League final."

The Liverpool coach spoke about having achieved "a huge thing. This is a big night for all of us. It was great to see the faces of the boys in the locker room."

Time will tell "where this is taking us when it comes to this season's campaign. No matter whom we will have to play in the next round, we will approach these challenges full of confidence."

It was far from a piece of cake to beat Bayern. "Bayern is an experienced team full of quality. Big club's such as Manchester City, Real Madrid, and Barcelona wouldn't be happy having to play Bayern. They would have to think about how to survive."

Games on the international stage are about impressing the opponents he stressed. "We impressed them massively."

His team learned much more about its hidden abilities and options in that game. "They were digging into it," Klopp commented.

His squad proved they are determined and not easy to beat as they developed a strong will. "We had to deal with the early exit of team captain Jordan Henderson.

Now it is about taking that experience to the next games. "It is not yet the end of the story," the LFC coach underlined.

Klopp repeated it wasn't about him as the former coach of Borussia Dortmund against Bayern. Klopp lost 16 of his 31 games against the Bavarian's and had only won ten before meeting them this season.

"I am not like this, and the games weren't about that. It was about the next round. To have won is an achievement for a great club like Liverpool." There is nothing like malicious joy. "We are hard to play, that's all."

Klopp said the return of Dutch defender Virgil van Dijk did influence the team's determination. "I mean, he scored, which was massive."

The coach said he could write a book about his value and skills. "It would be a book about a great person and about a footballer that at an early age has already reached a very high level," Klopp commented on the 27-year-old.

Klopp called the competition in the Premier League "outstanding" as six to seven clubs "would be among the ruling sides in every league you can think of."

Liverpool's win means there are now four Premier League sides in the last eight, following victories for Tottenham, Manchester United and Manchester City.