ISLAMABAD-National Accountability Bureau, Rawalpindi arrested an accused Major (R) Atif Qayyum for allegedly luring general public to invest in his so-called gold business.

It was alleged that Atif Qayyum was involved in gold trading scam by taking money from public as loan to be invested in different gold trading companies.

As per details, the accused had promised 6 percent to 7 percent approximate profit on monthly/five weeks cycles.

He also ensured investors that the trade would be conducted according to shariah basis and at any given end-of –trade; physical gold in form of gold bricks would be transferred to Atif’s Vault, being maintained by trading companies.

During inquiry it was revealed that the accused did not have any such business neither the earning of such lucrative profits as he committed to the investors.

Director General NAB Rawalpindi Irfan Naeem Mangi said that NAB officers were determined to perform their duty with absolute objectivity, thorough professionalism and unimpeachable integrity and without any leanings for or against anybody.

He said that NAB is making all out efforts to recover the looted money from the swindlers. However, this practice to invest in unauthorised schemes in greed of more interest and returns on investments must be ended and discouraged, he said.

He urged the people to invest only in government-approved banking system and investment companies.