KARACHI  -    Muttahida Qaumi Movement-Pakistan (MQM-P) on Wednesday termed the disqualification of Pak Sarzameen Party leader Arshad Vohra from deputy mayorship and union council seat victory of its stance, saying such decision will strengthen democracy in the country.

Vohra was part of MQM-P but switched his loyalties towards PSP in October 2017.

In a statement issued, the party said that such decisions would promote and strengthen democracy in the country. The party leaders announced that the coordination committee of the party would decide on the name of new deputy mayor. “Had such decisions taken in the past, it would have demoralise those who change their loyalties under any circumstances,” the statement reads.

Meanwhile, the party’s coordination committee under the chair of senior deputy convener Amir Khan met at party’s Bahadurabad office and expressed its concern over reports of Sindh government decision to divide Karachi into nine divisions.

The party meeting termed it an step from the ruling party to gain undue favour in the city politics. “These biased decisions if made on linguistic divisions of the city rather than administrative divisions will further fuel ethnic tensions in the city,” the party warned.

The party said that Karachi is already counted half in the last carried out census and if Sindh government would take any decision to further divide city on ethnic grounds than it would not only be a violation of the constitution but also against the public interest.

MQM –P will not tolerate these decisions and will use all its options including legal ways and coming out on roads against it, the committee announced.

They further said that the implementation of quota system in the province has already fuelled ethnicity in the province rather than resolving issues. “The government instead of creating a sense of deprivation among urban centres of the city should create equal opportunities for the citizens towards the path of progress and prosperity.”