LAHORE - Law Minister Muhammad Basharat Raja had a big grin on his face as he listened warily to Waris Kallu complaining to the Speaker about his ‘masochistic’ desire to see him dead on Tuesday last.

“Mr Speaker, is it ever moral to wish death on someone? The Law Minister yesterday wished [on the Assembly floor] it would be better if Waris Kallu dies”.

Mr Speaker, I had not used any un-Parliamentary word……And by stating the “new class”, I was referring only to the new comers in the House who need to learn about democratic norms and decency, the PML-N legislator burst out during the legislation.

Law Minister had, infact, endorsed a slogan which echoed from the Opposition benches to buck up Kallu’s spirits when he was engaged in a pitched battle [of words] with Prosecution Minister Ch Zaheeruddin on Monday last.

The slogan was: “Kallu tairay khoon se inqalab aae ga” (Your blood would not go waste: it will bring about a revolution).

Speaker Ch Parvez Elahi had given him the floor to speak on an amendment motion, but Mr Kallu pushed his personal business to brief the Chair about how unfairly he had been treated by everybody on Tuesday. Normally, the Speaker would not allow any member to speak on any other subject during the legislation process.  But Parvez Elahi relaxed the rules for Waris Kallu as he always keeps him close to his heart.  Speaker also snubbed the Treasury members who wanted to ridicule Mr Kallu yet for another day just for the sake of fun.

So much so, that the Speaker even desired to hold a special prayer in the House for the long life of Muhammad Waris Shad (His official name). “The Maulana is not here; otherwise, I could have asked him to lead a prayer [for long life of Mr Kallu].Kallu sab, the entire House prays for your health and long life”, the Chair told the agitating PML-N lawmaker whose anger seemed to have subsided after Speaker’s words of consolation.

Parvez Elahi then turned to the official business and asked Mr Kallu what he had to state about the Bill under consideration at that time. “Kallu sab, now please disclose the panacea you have with you for the Kidney transplant”.

The Assembly witnessed many happy smiling faces after Speaker’s remarks.

The House was having debate on an amendment bill on Pakistan Kidney and Liver Transplant and Research centre. Kallu confined himself just to stating that govt should not change the current status of the institutes as a Trust.    

Over the past few months, Parvez Elahi has developed a special liking for Mr Kallu who makes him smile every time he stands upto speak.

Most probably, the Speaker also likes the PML-N lawmaker for his Seraiki accent. Since yesterday’s episode had happened in Parvez Elahi’s absence, Kallu thought it better to apprise him of the unpleasant scene.

Also, Ch Parvez Elahi has set a new tradition in Punjab Assembly by holding a healthy and productive debate over legislation.

He gives equal chance to both the Treasury and the Opposition to explain their respective point of view on Bills on different subjects.

Then he passes his own judgment over whether the Bill should be passed immediately or it be referred back to the Standing Committee. It happened at least thrice in the last three sessions that Speaker prevailed over the Law Minister and the Bills were deferred for some days.