LAHORE                      -                Noted physicians of the country have termed medical ethics basis of successful clinical medicine and have advised the young doctors to acknowledge patients’ empowerment and participation in the decisions related to their health. While addressing at a scientific session on the first day of international flagship conference organized by Pakistan Society of Internal Medicine (PSIM), here in a local hotel on Friday, Lahore Medical and Dental College principal Prof Abdul Majeed Chaudhry said that there was considerable healing power in good doctor-patient relationship. “It helps patients’ fear and doubt slowly transform into clarity, relief and assurance,” the veteran physician preached adding that with the positive role of doctor, patients would definitely be relieved of hopelessness, had higher satisfaction, better adherence and improved health. Liaquat University of Medical and Health Sciences Jamshoro (LUMHS) vice chancellor Prof Bikha Ram Devrajani said that ethical decisions could not be avoided in medical practice. “Whenever doctors make a clinical decision, they are almost always making an ethical decision,” he added. University of Health Sciences Lahore (UHS), vice chancellor, Prof Javed Akram was of the view that relationship between a patient and a physician was based on trust, which gives rise to physicians’ ethical responsibility to place patients’ welfare above the physician’s own self-interest or obligations to others, to use sound medical judgment on patients’ behalf, and to advocate for their patients’ welfare.