Our state is going through poverty, with the rate of crime and street beggars increasing from time to time. There are many people in Pakistan who live under the poverty line. And for most of them, begging seems to be the only way they can earn more than other people. Street begging is probably turning 25 percent of Pakistan’s state into a profession.

Children are the destiny of our nation, but so many beggars are under the age of ten. They can’t think of education as well as preparing for a prosperous career. They are more likely to focus on making money, and these mafias are exploiting poor children and making them their victims.

Even though begging is a calamity for our country, it creates a miserable conception of Pakistan all over the world. The beggar mafia is getting much stronger, and nobody is taking this issue seriously. The government should take a certain amount of effort and end up taking some strict action against this mafia.