LAHORE                -              Inspector General of Police (IGP) Punjab Shoaib Dastagir has directed the Police Department to ensure implementation of the preventive and precautionary measures for effectively dealing with the coronavirus threat. On the directions of the IGP Punjab, DIG Welfare Sharaq Kamal Siddiqui has sent a letter to all Regional Police Officers (RPOs), District Police Officers (DPOs) and Unit Chiefs of police, relating all precautionary measures. A ceremony was also held at Central Police Office Lahore on Friday to create awareness among the CPO employees about coronavirus threat. Additional IGP Operations Inam Ghani briefed the police officials about the precautionary measures regarding coronavirus threat and directed them to implement it them in letter and spirit. Additional IGP Internal Accountability Branch (IAB) Azhar Hameed Khokhar, Additional Inspector General (AIG) Admin Anwar Khaitran, along with other senior officers and officials from different branches of CPO, were also present. Addressing officials, Addl IGP Operations said that officers and officials suffering from cough, flu and fever should cover their mouth and nose with surgical masks and also avoid hugging and handshake and close contact with each other. The person affected with flu and cough should be kept at distance of three feet, and undue movement to crowded areas should be avoided. Nose, mouth and eyes should not be touched with hands. The coronavirus enter human body through nose, mouth and eyes. Hands should be washed with soap time and again for at least 20 seconds. He said sanitisers should be used for cleaning hands and preventing from germs.

Handles of vehicles should not be touched while traveling to any place in public transport and gloves should be put on hands. The steering and vehicle under personal use should be fixed for only one effective person. Biometric attendance should be halted for some period of time. Mild warm water should be taken, railing of corridors and buttons of lift should not be touched and gloves should be used.

The official said that windows of rooms of offices should be kept open and fresh air should be allowed to pass into rooms. Toilet should be kept dried and clean and hand washing should be ensured.

Application of Sanitisers in all washrooms of police stations, offices and Police Lines should be ensured and washing of hands and mouths should be repeated many times. Use of towels in washrooms should be avoided and tissue papers should be used instead. Tissue papers should also be disposed of after using them.

All officers and officials should keep themselves with sanitisers in their pockets and make it a habit to use it. The person affected with flu and nasal blockage should wear masks, wear it from right side and this should not be used for more than one day.

In case of fever and flu, a doctor should be consulted immediately. The disease includes symptoms of trouble in breathing, fever, flu, cough, etc. Pneumonia is also a symptom of the disease in critical condition, which causes respiratory syndrome and failure of kidneys.

The police officer said that a doctor should be consulted in case of such symptoms. Fresh fruits should be used.