The toxic gas leak resulting in death of over 14 citizens of Karachi and over 250 admitted to hospital raises many questions about incompetence of those who have been given task of managing KPT. It has become a routine matter now that first reaction of those at helm of affairs is to go into a denial mode. If KPT management had professional morality and ethics to accept toxic fumes leak, many lives could have been saved by adopting Standard Operating Procedures for Dangerous Goods.

It is also time that those at helm of affairs of the state must understand that handling various functions including loading and offloading of sensitive cargo and dangerous goods is a specialized field which requires recruitment of men/women well trained and qualified in specific task they are assigned to handle. We live in a world where specialists alone can deliver and not jack of all trades.

Former serving or retired personnel from civil or uniformed services cannot be expected to perform such sensitive tasks in cases of emergency, nor can they assess the serious consequences if timely decisions are not taken. The KPT management and its associated state service providers could have saved hundreds from toxic gas poisonous impact upon humans and animals living in the vicinity, if they had capacity to assess situation and adopting SOP. Recruitment to sensitive and specialized jobs must cease to be on offer for welfare and rehabilitation of members of state security services, or political cronies, and instead by filled on merit alone by those qualified in relevant field.