Rawalpindi-Two criminals were killed by Murree police in an encounter on Friday in Bharakahu area of federal capital, informed a police spokesman.

He said the two men identified as Fazal Rahim alias Chotu and Baqir were notorious criminals. One of them, he said, had been involved in triple murder case.

He further said Chotu escaped while he was being taken to court for triple murder trial in Murree.

According to him, the shootout took place in Rukhsana Bangish Road, in the precincts of Police Station Bharakahu, where Chotu had taken shelter with his two accomplices, after he fled from custody on Wednesday noon.

“Seeing police party, Chotu and his men opened firing on police party and two criminals were killed in retaliation,” he said.

An accomplice of Chotu was arrested alive by police and weapons were also seized from the crime scene, he said. He said dead bodies were moved to hospital for autopsy.

Superintendent of Police (SP) Saddar Division Zia Uddin Ahmed, while talking to media men, said two notorious criminals were killed and another was arrested during an encounter in Bharakahu.

He said Chotu fled from police custody two days ago and opened firing on cops when raid was conducted to arrest him.

He said the accused also fired at cops in Murree court from where Chotu escaped.

SP pledged to bring all the notorious criminals to a logical end.

Meanwhile, Islamabad police high-ups also rushed to the scene after getting information about encounter between Murree police and criminals.

Some officers of Islamabad police raised concerns over bosses of Rawalpindi police for not taking Islamabad police on board prior to raid in limits of Bharakahu police station.