The US House of Representatives has overwhelmingly passed legislation to provide economic relief for US citizens amid the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic.

"H.R. 6201 - Families First #Coronavirus Response Act passed by a vote of 363-40-1", the House Press Gallery wrote on Twitter after the bill was passed late on Friday.

The measure is now headed to the Senate for consideration.

According to the 110-page bill, Washington is set to provide up to $1 billion in food aid and extend sick leave benefits to vulnerable citizens. In addition, people will be able to get a test for the disease for free.

Donald Trump declared a national emergency on Friday to curb the infection amid the rising number of coronavirus cases across the US; reports suggest there are at least 2,204 people infected with the dangerous disease and the death toll is currently at 49. At the same time, around 145,000 coronavirus cases have been confirmed globally, and over 5,400 people have died due to the virus.

The president also suspended all travel from the Schengen Area to the United States until the middle of April.