Lodhran-Regional Police Officer inaugurated the first Violence against Women Center (VAWC) in Lodhran to eradicate increasing number of incidents of torture and harassment against women. He visited the center and met with staff.

Regional Police Officer Waseem Ahmed Sial said that such centers will be established throughout the Multan Region, one is under construction in Multan and it is formally inaugurated in Lodhran.

“The VAWC will have women staff deployed. VAWC’s purpose is to provide better facilities to women so that women can share their problems with the female staff. Any kind of harassment on women will not be tolerated and problems being faced by women will be resolved on priority basis. VAWC is a step towards safeguarding women and their rights.”

“The VAWC’s purpose is to provide legal help and ensuring timely action on reports of domestic violence, physical and mental violence, inheritance rights, underage marriages, vinni, karokari, acid attacks, rape and problems of working women. The VAWC has been established in Police Station Saddar Lodhran,” the RPO added.

At the end RPO said that purpose of providing these little facilities is to bridge the trust gap between police and people.

“At the same time we expect from citizens to appreciate this and cooperate with police. It is not possible to reach the milestone without help of people.”

“Violence Against Women Center (VACW) Lodhran will provide legal, medical, counseling along with other necessary services to safeguard women from domestic violence and inappropriate attitudes.” said Regional Police Officer Waseem Ahmed Sial. Fozia Sehar has been posted as station house officer (SHO).

Regional Police Officer Multan Waseem Ahmed Sial said while addressing the Police Darbaar that we have to lift the dignity and respect of the department together, keep an eye in your surroundings even if a Police officer does an illegal deed then report it immediately, our purpose is to serve and facilitate.

DPO Syed Karrar Hussain talking to The Nation said, “Multan Region is working greatly under the enthusiastic leadership of RPO Wasim Ahmed and holds the first position in Punjab and it is prideful to us that RPO selected Lodhran as first district for police Darbaar.” He added, “We have to change with changing times and strive towards better and better.”

Similarly, RPO said that any kind of torture cell or illegal detaining will not be tolerated and there is no place for such people who violates the law and becomes a reason for department’s disgrace.

Senior Legal Expert Tufail Thakur Advocate while talking to The Nation said that if a woman is good the state would be good. If it falters then state falters as a column’s strength determines the strength of the building similarly integrity and greatness of society can be determined by the status of women in that society. If this pillar of society is strong then nation can be built on such pillar.

Public Welfare Organization’s President Hakeem Muhammad Asif told The Nation that this is the time to ascertain that if a woman has so important role in building and destroying the society then why is she not given such importance which she deserves?