KARACHI - Despite the arrival of new crop, the shortage of wheat is aggravating in the provincial capital as well as in other cities of the country, the flour millers told The Nation on Tuesday. The representatives of four provincial chapters of Pakistan Flour Mills Association, while talking to The Nation, maintained that if government did not allow them to procure wheat from provinces especially Punjab and Sindh, the wheat crisis would further trigger leading to artificial hike in flour prices. The prices of wheat are also soaring in the open market, as current price of the commodity was Rs 2350 per 100kg in Punjab and Rs 2100 per 100kg in Sindh on Tuesday. The flour millers foresee further increase in the wheat prices in open market because both the provinces have virtually imposed the inter-provincial and inter-districts ban on the movement of wheat. Pakistan Flour Mills Association (PFMA) Chairman Naeem Butt told The Nation via telephone from Islamabad that Punjab and Sindh governments with consultation of federal government have imposed the ban on inter-district as well as inter provincial movement which was resulting in price hike of the commodity. He said: "We condemn the ban imposed by Sindh and Punjab governments and demanded that ban should be lifted immediately because the government had already announced to import 2.5 million tons of wheat." Central chairman of flour millers' body claimed that provincial governments confiscated more than 100 trucks carrying wheat to provincial capitals and taken them to official godowns. He further said government had already stopped official wheat quota to flour mills and now restricting the procurement, causing unnecessary problems for the millers.  He informed that flour mills were not in a position to continue their operation in present circumstances and the option of protest would be discussed at a meeting of PFMA to be held next week in Ziarat, Balochistan. While the flour millers of Sindh terming the recent notification of provincial food department of Sindh unjustified under which government had allowed them to raise flour prices up to Rs 22 per to Rs 23 per kg. They argued that they were procuring wheat at Rs 21.50 per kg from open market than how it will be possible for them to sell the flour at official rates of Rs 22 per kg in market. Sindh PFMA President Iqbal Dawood Pakwala said the government had allowed mills to procure wheat from Hyderabad, Sanghar, Nawabshah, Mirpurkhas and Badin. But district food officials with the help of police, have taken 50 trucks into custody loaded with wheat and not allowing the vehicles to reach Karachi.