LAHORE - Secretary General, Pakistan Kissan Movement (PKM), Hanif Gujjar, after completing the tour of Sindh and Punjab, chaired a meeting of PKM. This meeting was attended by a large number of farmers from all over Punjab. In the meeting, farmers complained about high handed attitude of the Food Department against the farmers who were bent upon creating harassment amongst them by raiding their fields and forcing them to handover the wheat crop forcibly or face serious consequences. Some of the farmers said that these Food Department officials not only insulted them but also stopped their trolleys on the roads and confiscated their produce who were shifting their wheat from the farms to their homes. These farmers said that these Food Department officials were accompanied by contingent of Police who took away their wheat with any rhyme or reason in spite of the fact that Punjab Government has only banned the inter-district movement of wheat then why these Government officials were trying to stop their wheat movement within the district. The farmers said that we live in the remote areas and produce wheat for millions of people of the country who are living in the big cities, but these Government officials have no right to forcibly take away our produce. After all it is our all year round hard work in which our family members get fully involved by working in the fields during sowing of wheat in the cold and freezing weather and harvest wheat in scorching heat. End result we get insulted by these corrupt Government officials who take away our livelihood. If we cannot give food to our own children our own grown wheat which has been forcibly taken away then it is better that during the next years we stop growing wheat and start growing mustard or canola oil which gives more return than wheat and there are no Government officials who would harass the farmers unnecessarily for growing such crops. Some of the farmers said that we fail to understand when the Economic Coordination Committee headed by Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani has already made a decision to lift inter-district ban on the movement of wheat and only announced to put ban on the inter-provincial movement of wheat then why in spite of this announcement, why Provincial Government is not taking action against Food Department's mafia who are snatching the livelihood from millions of farmers. Secretary General of PKM said during the tour in Sindh he was told by the farmers that Sindh Government has already implemented the E.C.C. decision by lifting inter-district ban on movement of wheat while it is only Punjab Province which is not implementing the ECC's decision.