LAHORE - American and Pakistani speakers at a seminar held under the aegis of US Consulate and Lahore Chambers of Commerce and Industry (LCCI) here on Tuesday, stressed the importance of protecting intellectual property rights for the growth of Pakistani industries. Addressing the seminar US Embassy Counselor for Economic and Commercial Affairs Amy Holman said that an innovative economy requires strong intellectual property rights protection. She said that Pakistan's innovative industries are doing well but could do better with additional protection. The American Diplomat also noted that intellectual property rights enforcement is necessary to protect Pakistan's rich cultural and artistic patrimony. "Strengthening intellectual property rights mechanism not only encourages foreign investment but also allows domestic industries to grow," said LCCI President Mohammad Ali Mian while addressing the seminar. He said that involving the public about the significance of protecting intellectual property through awareness campaigns could also help reduce piracy. US Embassy New Delhi Intellectual Property AttachT Dominic Keating, Hasan Ifran Khan, Attorney, United Trademark and Patent Services, Dr Rizwan Basharat Intellectual property organisation, Sharmeen Ali Khan and Mehboob Qadir Shah also spoke on this occasion besides others.