ISLAMABAD (APP) - A national workshop on 'Capacity Development for Aid Effectiveness' was started here on Tuesday to discuss the performance of major projects working for the betterment of people across the country. The workshop was jointly organised by Economic Affairs Division (EAD) and Asian Development Bank (ADB). In the workshop, assessment reports of ten selected projects were presented.       Previously for each project, a consultant was selected for examining the performance of respective project. The assessment report of two projects supported by UNDP out of ten were examined and presented in the workshop including Gender Justice Through Musalihat Anjumans Project (GJTMAP) and Women political School project (WPS). Musalihat Anjuman Project was playing effective role in ensuring free and fast justice to the common people at the grass roots level.  It was briefed in the report that Musalihat Anjuman have been formed in all 1,050 Union Councils with sizeable women representation of 962.       Out of total 6,602 cases received by Musalihat Anjumans (MAs), 4,880 (74%) cases had been amicably resolved. The Project is being implemented in 20 different districts (five in each province) across the country with the joint efforts of Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development and United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).     It was briefed that the project is not only providing justice to the people at the level of Union Councils but it is also working for women rights and other weaker segments of the society. "It is a unique project to protect women rights; eradicate child abuse, child labour and human trafficking, shed old and criminal traditions of 'Watta Satta', Marriage with Quran, Zagh, Walwar, forced marriage and insult of women, etc and to resolve the disputes of the people through community participation" , the participants remarked. All these efforts will go a long way in improving human rights situation in the country, they added.  While the increasing participation of women and weaker segments of society in their own affairs through MAs is a welcoming step towards giving them their rights in an honourable way. Gender Justice Through Musalihat Anjuman Project (GJTMAP) is being implemented by Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development (LG & RD) for providing justice at the grass roots level, he added.