LAHORE - The PML-N move to quit the government by way of leaving the ministries, has made the legal fraternity in the city more serious towards the object of getting the deposed judges restored. Senior lawyers in an interaction with this scribe said the failure of the political parties in sorting out the issue, had drawn the line that legal fraternity now would have to trust its own muscles than banking on others. Behind the failure of judges' restoration, lawyers see role of certain foreign forces, which they say, did not want position of Pervez Musharraf eclipsed and the restored judges, which however would establish a judiciary overshadowing his powers. As said Vice President SCBA Ghulam Nabi Bhatti the decision making about our national affairs was still not fully in the control of our rulers and despite a democratic government was in place, it failed to defy pressure from outside. According to him in the restoration of judges only a political will was needed and a simple matter was made so intricate and complex under political expediencies. By and large, lawyers welcomed the PML-N decision of quitting the government in support of their cause. It has added to their spirits for taking the bull by the horns although at the same time, they give value to the support from the political parties, particularly PML-N and APDM, to their cause. "If lawyers remain united and succeed in mustering up support from the civil society and general public by befittingly putting across their message in a situation when the masses are over head and ear dipped in solving the problem of their sustenance, they would not only be able to give a new lift to their movement but would also be able to achieve the target expeditiously", commented a lawyer. However, some other lawyers are positive that their ongoing movement will readily again gather masses support as it did previously. As said member Pakistan Bar Council, Hafiz Abdul Rahman Ansari, this time movement would be many times more forceful than the previous one for the reason, independent of judiciary was the demand of every Pakistani which now had awakened to the fact that only judges of independent mind could lay hand on those who were crushing their rights and squandering the national resources with impunity. The Pakistan Bar Council is meeting on May 17 in Lahore to work out the future line of action. The Bar has convened the representatives of the Bars from all over the country to receive input mainly to expedite the movement for which speakers at a recently held meeting of the Punjab Bar Council laid great stress. The spirit of lawyers is lifted but at the same time, newly elected vice chairman of the Bar, will need to keep a fact in mind that five members of the 22-member body, are opposed to lawyers movement. Therefore, it is to be seen what way the cat jumps on the question of consensus of all in the body. The SCBA President, Barrister Aitzaz Ahsan, is affiliated with the PPP and strongly stick to it. But the fact is PPP is looking the restoration of judges from a different angel than the lawyers are doing. Therefore, lawyers are waiting for a clear-cut decision of the Bar president so that lawyers enthusiasm for the movement could be fully tapped, said a senior lawyer. Lawyers have different approach towards the restoration of judges. Some favour enlarging scope of the movement by involving the international forums while others are for taking direction action, which they interpret, leading the judges to the Bench as constitutionally holding the office on the ground of seven-member decision on November 3, and make them functional disregarding anything. But this course involves risks and problems. However, a third class favours long march to Islamabad by the lawyers from all over the country and making it a big show to build pressure nationally and internationally for the restoration. What decision is finally taken, would, however, be seen in the meeting on May 17.