LAHORE - LCCI President Mohammad Ali Mian has demanded the government to announce a package for the revival of the industry and business, which are undergoing tremendous pressure owing to multiple reasons including high oil prices and energy shortage. The LCCI chief raised the demand while addressing a press conference on the LCCI Budget Proposals for the year 2008-09 here at the LCCI on Tuesday. LCCI VP Shafqat Saeed Piracha and a large number of LCCI Executive Committee members were also present. Mohammad Ali Mian also urged the govt to curtail the rate of Sales Tax from existing 15pc o 10pc as it had already been proved through various experiences that cut in tax rate earns more revenue for the government. He also proposed that manufacturers should be registered first and verification be conducted later by Collectorate Staff. He further proposed that if the supplier has paid the tax to the government and has received payment after 180 days, (albeit through banking instrument), he need not be deprived of his legal right to claim input tax and also need not to approach the Collectorate for extension of time period. On the other hand, his buyers, of course, will be required to abide by all conditions laid down in section 73.  He further proposed that a Special Procedure for wholesale-cum-Retail chain stores may be introduced wherein they should not be subjected to 2 per cent additional tax on import and also not be subjected to section 8B; although a part of their activity may involve 'manufacturing' as well. He also proposed that bicycle tyres and tubes should also be zero-rated. It will not only be in line with the intention of the government to reduce burden on poorer sections of the society but will also result in revival of organized sector and availability of quality product in the market, he added.