NEW YORK - A prominent international media freedom watchdog has urged the Supreme Court of Pakistan to drop its efforts to control media coverage, a call backed by a body of U.S.-backed Pakistani journalists. Commenting on the order served on Geo TV and its print affiliate, Jang Group, with regard to the coverage of the deposed judges' issue, The New York-based Committee to Protect Journalists noted that the court is currently controlled by President Pervez Musharraf's appointees. "The Supreme Court's decision threatens to reverse the movement toward renewed media freedom that came after elections three months ago," said Bob Dietz, CPJ's Asia programme coordinator, said in a statement on Monday. "The court should be working to uphold freedom of the press, not silencing it whenever a controversial issue emerges in Pakistan." The CJP also took note of Minister of Information Sherry Rehman statement on ARY One World TV that the government did not support the court's decision and would work to resolve the issue. Meanwhile, a statement issued by Masood Haider, convener of Coalition of Pakistani journalists in United States, said: "We have read with grave concern and dismay the move by the Musharraf-appointed Supreme Court to gag the press in Pakistan set free when tables were turned on the military regime by the pro-democracy people of Pakistan in the February 18 elections. The extraordinary order served on Geo and Jang is a precursor of more dire events to come. Make no mistake, the order shows how President Musharraf's agents are bent upon destroying the very spirit of liberal democracy and free news media.   "The job of a Supreme Court is to uphold free of press, not to stifle it. The new order therefore is a yet another blot on the Supreme Court's record of some decisions based on opportunism, including the one related to legitimizing dictators. In this regard, how important it has become for the restoration of some 60 independent judges sacked by President Musharraf on November 3. I call upon our members here and our colleagues in Pakistan to joint the lawyers' movement for the restoration of the deposed judges."