Every now and then, one hears from the US media that Muslims hate Americans, ostensibly, for the fine values of democracy, liberty and human rights that they have. Further, that most Muslims are terrorists. Nothing could be further from truth. The very meaning of Islam is 'peace'. In Muslim society, fraternity and mutual consultation is ordained as a must before any serious decision making, particularly in all public matters. All the Caliphs who succeeded the Holy Prophet (peace be upon him) were duly elected. So democracy is both a public and religious duty of the Muslims. Most Americans are Christians or Jewish. A Muslim ceases to be a Muslim, if he does not believe in and respect Jesus Christ or Moses and the holy books of Bible and Torah. Coming to human rights, the Magna Carta came much later than the revelation of the Holy Quran - which covers every aspect of human life. No religion gives more rights to man, and women, than Islam. An average American loves God, his country and his family. Much the same way, an average Muslim loves God, his religion, his country and his family. It is good to build on commonalities, rather than highlight differences. -SULTAN MUHAMMAD, Lahore, via e-mail, April 27.