Pakistan has been/is suffering both at the hands of friends and foes. Visualising the strategic requirement of USA, it can be taken that Pakistan will be kept involved in America's war against Afghanistan - to pay the price of willingly (under threat?) accepting the role to conduct operations against its own tribesmen along the Pakistan-Afghanistan border and also US punitive operations inside Pakistan's territory: mission decided and enforced by US-NATO forces. Pakistan is in a puzzled state; not knowing how to wriggle out of a forced involvement. The situation obtaining due to involvement in US war along Afghanistan borders and the rule of a retired military general in Pakistan caused a very potent ground-swell: the people forced by many problems within Pakistan expressed their will through the elections held in February 2008. The banned leaders of PPP and PML(N) - the looters - re-entered the political activity through the National Reconciliation order (NRO), leading to their victory against the military ruler and in his service PML(Q); yet the shackles have not dropped though the shadow of the retired general is fading. Pakistan had lost credit and prestige: many wizards abroad addressed, "Pakistan on weak legs, a falling or a failing state." US added some unkind kicks by violating Pakistan's sovereignty by bombing the people inside Pakistan, killing women and children. The Pakistani forces also suffered both in lives and prestige while performing as mercenaries for US. All this happened because only General Musharraf got personally committed to US demands and policy whose benefit were/are not mutual. Having climbed the plank of democracy, the new government is faced with American demands: monstrous and demanding as ever. Pakistan had complied only with the command: "do or die" or "be prepared to be bombed to Stone Age." It is in the fitness of the national honour that the new political leadership is not prepared to spill the blood of Pakistanis for America. There is a great swell of affinity, respect and good will visible among the people of all the provinces. The awareness and need for unity among the people of the provinces is a most welcome gift. The nation is shaping itself anew and very well. Very strange that the political parties estranged in the past are accommodative to each other: thinking for national unity and spirit: an excellent omen for a good future. May be the deprived people and rebel sardars have realised that their future will be better in the Federation and the unity of the people. Federal authority with a vision can do wonders. Following situations, all of them most serious, demand priority of immediate treatment: "    The restoration of sovereignty threatened by US. The commitment to US had occurred due to prompt readiness of General Musharraf to perform; without the blessing of the parliament or even a national forum. There was no reason or an excuse for America to attack Pakistan: only the fear of fears forced General Musharraf into the trap. "    Treat very seriously the Indian blatant violations of IWT where all the projects are aimed at denying water to Pakistan. Pakistan cannot live without waters from the Western Rivers guaranteed by IWT. The irreparable hurt was caused by our tragic failure to agree to IWT against the International Law. "    Restoration of confidence, dignity and spirit of the nation badly ebbed now, due to miserable failures both in peace and wars since 1965. "    The need for immediate construction of reservoirs and power generation systems to meet the water and power requirements of the nation is an inescapable course of action. "    Take 35 percent population out of poverty line. "    Launch education as a nation-building programme. "    Develop effective governance aimed at the welfare state. "    Place the judicial system at the highest pedestal for guaranteed justice to all - prompt and free. "    Initiate a planned scheme through the institutions for development of leadership cadre: inspired, devoted, moral and well equipped with skills in various fields. The leaders must have the personal image and prestige to inspire people. "    Raise a broad base for defence production - it will be beyond our means to purchase latest technology from the advanced systems in the West. "    Kashmir due to some kink in mind (loyalty?) of the military ruler, Pakistan abandoned Kashmiris to be butchered and their rights sanctified by UN were divorced/disowned. The picture of Indian violations of IWT proves the criminal failure of the authorities and the IWT team negotiating with India. "    Launch moral re-armament campaign to regain national spirit, pride, character and performance. Even the people overseas - the flag bearers of Pakistan - need education to understand the requirements of discipline and national image. "    Pakistan is not to be treated as a land of opportunities for self-seekers. Our curse: the Persistent slavish mentality at all levels. It is a tragedy to have seen Pakistanis (experts) hopelessly looking for legal cover against unlawful command or orders imposed by the violator of section 6 of Pakistan's constitution Kashmir must be seen in proper perspective. Out of 864 princely states, Hindus did not allow even one state to join Pakistan but using its skill and treachery India have brought Pakistan to the end of patience, only to offer an unthinkable solution of Kashmir through 'Five Entities': AK, NA and the valley, Jammu and Ladakh; given self-rule, under joint control of India and Pakistan? What happened to the right of self-determination of Kashmiris according to UN Resolution? One hears stray voices that Kashmiris will is a vital consideration. We have messed up Kargil only to see America imposing Indian will on Pakistan: to bind Pakistan to be an onlooker, responsible to prevent support Kashmiris fighting for life and honour. Pakistan has to put new life into our guts to survive the onslaught of Zionists and Hindus. Would we have bombed Lal Masjid without direction to destroy the nursery of fundamentalists? Finally, the Nuclear Assets: Nuclear power is a war-horse and not an ammunition depot to be guarded. We are exposed to untenable confidence: US wanted, Israel provided and India had deployed AWACS at Avantipur near Srinagar to locate, track the movement and destroy that can threaten India. Let us know what the enemy/enemies are capable of doing to the only Islamic ideology in the world: we are living in the folds of century of America. These requirements, each one of them, need to be placed on top of the list of topmost priorities: the base set for moral values will prove panacea of all the ills, a highway to prosperity and honour.