An increase in crime, anywhere in the world, heralds discontent and bad governance, as well as lack of rule of law, in that country. Pakistan is facing this predicament, we hear of murder, robberies, mobile snatching and rape on our streets every day, with the criminal escaping with immunity. These are mostly street crimes, as citizens have made sure that their houses are manned by private security. These robbers come well armed and well prepared, both physically and psychologically to commit the crimes. These people overpower the victim with a weapon easily.

The youth is very afraid of stepping out of their houses and offices; literally everyone has stories to tell of the snatching of mobile phone and wallets. It is not just night time that is dangerous, these robberies have happened in the day time as well! Anytime, anyplace and by any means these culprits get hold of helpless and innocent people walking on the street and rob them of their valuables. I request the authorities responsible for security in the city to upgrade the standards of our police, and to make them into a force that can apprehend these criminals. Why is our police helpless? Do we need vigilantes like Batman and Superman in Pakistan?


Karachi, May 9.