Since the last few years, we annually commemorate ‘Yaum-e-Shuhadha’ on April 30 to pay homage to our martyrs. After the US invasion of Afghanistan, when Pakistan Army moved into FATA and Waziristan areas, it has been almost a decade.

In 2008, the army had to be deployed in Swat, where the situation was brought under control after three years of fierce counterinsurgency operations. In this war against terrorism, thousands of Pakistanis sacrificed their lives. The martyrs included members of armed forces, Frontier Corps and Constabulary, political leaders and workers of political parties and innocent civilians. Despite the achievements of the resilient armed forces and sacrifices made by our valiant soldiers, the end is not visible. There is a need to identify the causes and find remedies.

This war has caused pervasive damage to Pakistan in many spheres, loss of precious human lives, erosion of writ of the government, damaged social fabric, devastated economy, smeared image of a society deemed earlier as tolerant, low national morale, serious damage to public property the list is endless. Despite the above started issues, there still exists a doubt in the society whether this is our war? Our next generation has literally grown under a combatant shadow of fear. Instead of a useless debate on the validity of war against terror, it is in our interest to join hands against these terrorists. We must remove the ambiguity by shunning this duplicity and state of denial. In order to fight this enemy, each and every Pakistani, without any segregation of political, ethnic or sectarian preference, must forge an alliance to rid the society of this menace.


Islamabad, May 10.