LAHORE - The government also wants electoral reforms for which the parliament is the best forum, said Federal Information and Broadcasting Minister Senator Pervaid Rashid, while talking to this correspondent on Tuesday.
On the PTI rally in Islamabad, Senator Pervaiz Rashid smilingly said: “Everyone knows how much successful it was.” He disapproved of Imran Khan’s way of seeking electoral reforms through protest and asked him to come to the parliament as he was also a member of the National Assembly. The street protest , he said, demonstrated Khan was not sincere about introduction of electoral reforms and that he had some other designs behind the move.
The minister said it was the right of every political party to seek improvement in the electoral system through a powerful election commission, introduction of technology and others, but it was not fair to pursue that goal through street protests. He said Imran Khan was an elected member of the parliament and raising electoral issue before the parliament suited a parliamentarian. “Imran Khan is a good orator, so he should present his point of view on the platform of the assembly,” he averred.
Senator Pervaiz Rashid said PML-N had the largest number of complaints about the last elections and was the most aggrieved party. “The PML-N also wants the electoral system to be improved, but the parliament, and not the street protest , is the right way,” he said.
To a question regarding the purpose behind the PTI protest , the information minister said, perhaps, it was highly poor performance of the KP government over the last one year and it was obliged to take shelter behind the street protest on the excuse of electoral reforms . He averred the PTI had promised to bring about radical changes in the KP within 90 days, but it had miserably failed to do so.
To a question, he said there was no chance of any third force to invade democracy, taking advantage of the PTI protest . There was absolutely no scope for this move, he added.
When asked whether terrorists could play their game in the pell-mell created by the PTI protest , he said this fear was always there even when there was no protest , He, however, observed chances of terror activities could increased under a disturbed situation, urging the PTI to act sanely and meet its responsibility towards the country and the nation. He reiterated a peaceful protest was the right of every party and the government would not suppress it under any circumstances.
The federal minister said the PTI had spent millions of rupees on arranging the protest while the federal and the Punjab government also spent millions of rupees to ensure security, protect the people and maintain peace during that course. He asked Imran Khan to spend his money on education, health etc, instead of wasting it away on street protest which was a futile attempt in the presence of a bona fide and proper forum. “What is the use of troubling the people on the roads when a job can be done through a convenient and appropriate way?” he questioned.
To a question on the May 23 rally of the PTI in Faisalabad, the federal minister said the government would give a free hand to the PTI as it already had done, but it would ensure the protest remained peaceful and within the limits of the law. He said there was absolutely no panic in the government over the PTI move, but it wanted sanity to prevail and that no problem should be created for the people.