Lahore - The All Pakistan Business Forum, slamming the massacre in Karachi where more than 45 people were killed in a bus attack, said that it deserves more than mere words of sympathy from the authorities, the political parties and the civil society.

The APBF President Ibrahim Qureshi said that the killing of innocent people was an ugly attempt to destabilize country by creating an impression of unsafe place in the eyes of international community and that the barbaric incident is tragic beyond words that once again killers have massacred Pakistan’s daughters and sons, this time from the Ismaili community. He said that words of solace, especially from those in authority, sound hollow because the state has once again failed to ensure the citizens’ right to life.

     He said that it was very strange that despite all out efforts, the terrorists were attacking the place of their choice and killing innocent people. The government should explain as to how the National Action Plan should have prevented such callous mowing down of people going about their lives. The authorities must explain why the measures taken to check terrorism have failed to act as deterrents as promised by the government.

The Lahore Chamber of Commerce & Industry president Ijaz Mumtaz also condemned in severest possible terms killing of 45 innocent people in Karachi and termed it a cowardly act of anti-Pakistan elements. He urged all the Parliamentary parties to take unified stand to weed out the menace of terrorism.