Karachi: The government today formed a committee of senior police officials to investigate the gruesome massacre of 46 innocent citizens in a deadly terrorist attack on an Ismaili community bus in Karachi. Karachi Police Additional Inspector-General (AIG) Ghullam Qadir Thebo said it was clear that two terrorist groups were operational in the city. “One group is involved in the murder of policemen while the other is targeting communities,” he said.

 “It is clear that the group which targeted the DSPs is not the same as the one behind this (Karachi bus) attack,” he added. The police chief further said that there had been no apparent presence of the terrorist network ‘Daesh’ or ‘Islamic State’ in the past and it was possible that someone was just using this name.

“We have found pamphlets having similar content at the site of four attacks (in the past),” he said.

Meanwhile, medical examiners completed the autopsy report of 43 bodies of victims killed in the terrorist attack on the Ismaili community bus in Karachi today. According to the report, three victims — two men and a woman — also received cuts on their head and neck from a sharp-edged knife-like object. The post-mortem report of bodies of the 43 victims — 17 women and 26 men — was prepared by police surgeon Dr Jalil Qadir. 18 victims died from single bullet wound, while 25 received two to three bullets, it says. Several victims were shot in the head from point-blank range, adds the report which puts the ages of the victims between 20 and 70 years.

Speaking to reporters today, Senior Superintendent of the Sindh Police's Special Investigation Unit (SIU) Raja Umer Khatab said that four attackers got on the bus and shot the victims, most of them in the head at close range. "Four gunmen entered the bus. We have evidence suggesting that they got on the bus from both (front and back) doors," said Khatab, adding that two to three attackers may have been stayed outside the bus on their motorcycles. "There were 57 seats in the bus and they went up to 55 seats and shot the victims in the head. Most of the death occurred because the victims were shot in the head," he said. Khatab said that police was currently in the process of completing the forensics report. "We are working on the rest of evidence and taking statements from eyewitnesses," he said. When asked about information from eyewitnesses, he said that the police had taken statements from a few eyewitnesses but he could not share the information at the moment. He confirmed that 9mm pistols and Kalashnikovs were used in the gruesome attack.