LAHORE - The Karachi killings is highly condemnable, but it deserves more than mere words of censure and sympathy from the authorities, the political parties and the civil society, the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP) said on Wednesday.

In a statement, the Commission said: “It is tragic beyond words that once again bands of killers have massacred Pakistan’s daughters and sons, this time from the Ismaili community, and walked away without any apparent difficulty.

“Words of solace, especially from those in authority, sound hollow today because the state has once again failed to ensure the citizens’ right to life, from which all other rights sprout,” the commission added.

 “HRCP condoles with the bereaved families and shares their outrage. This atrocity demands that those keeping mum over the actions of extremists of various hues break their silence and speak out against hate speech, promotion of violence and all manners of support for the killers. The civil society, including the media and political parties, must no longer remain spectators. They must assume responsibility for ensuring that the authorities are not allowed to forget their obligation to the people of Pakistan, especially to the victims of Wednesday’s attack in Karachi.”