Islamabad: PTI chairman Imran Khan has said he is not ashamed of calling Mehboob Anwar a liar and will not extend apology over this matter.

He said this while talking to media men after his appearance before Judicial Commission (JC) here today.

Denouncing Karachi bus terror attack, he said peaceful people were targeted. A wave of grief has gripped the entire country. “I am going to Karachi. Post Peshawar Public School terror attack like environment prevails in the country. The entire nation is saddened”, he added.

“We swallowed bitter pills of military courts but even then the issue is not resolving. Unless the police is depoliticized, the issue of terrorism will remain unresolved”, he observed.

Rangers cannot deal with the issue for a long time, he said. Recruitment in police department is made through NTS in KPK while recruitment is made in Sindh police after grabbing money, he alleged.

PML-N and PPP dub MQM terrorist party but both these parties forge alliance with MQM when need arises, he remarked.

Open trial is being conducted in Judicial Commission (JC) on facts, he said adding PML-N became perturbed because it kept on saying earlier PTI has no evidence  but after seeing that we are well prepared, PML-N balloon stands deflated.