Islamabad - Capital Development Authority (CDA) is all set to launch an anti-encroachment operation against big hotels in the federal capital including Serena, which was earlier put on hold due to the arrival of the Chinese President in the country last month.

According to a letter written to the management of a five-star hotel in Islamabad, the enforcement directorate of the CDA has asked it to vacate the land it has encroached upon in the name of security. “It has been observed with great concern that you are found to have been holding a mega land portion belonging to CDA and utilizing the same for the purpose of security installations, huge car-parking. You are directed to immediately withdraw all such arrangements from CDA land, failing which a forceful action shall be carried out to vacate the land from illegal occupation at your risk and cost,” the letter said. It is pertinent to mention here that the operation was planned against the hotel encroachments in the last month but it was postponed due to the arrival of the Chinese President and stay at the hotel.

The directorate also said that the management of the hotel was also issued notices on the matter few months back on the request of ministry of foreign affairs and district magistrate Islamabad in accordance with the mandate contained in CDA Conduct Of Business Regulations 1985, however no volunteer removal have been undertaken by the hotel management. It further warned that failing compliance, a forceful operation under magisterial and police cover will be carried out to retrieve the land.  Furthermore, the enforcement directorate has asked the directorate of environment CDA to take over green belt previously encroached upon by the three hotels of the city. The enforcement teams after rigorous efforts have retrieved green belt from the illegal occupation of these hotels after removing illegally installed fences, barriers etc. The directorate further said earliest takeover was needed, as any delay in this regard would encourage these owners to embark on similar trespassing on the green belt.

On the other hand, private housing societies are continuously eating up CDA land. To the surprise of the directorate of enforcement CDA, an illegal housing society, Paradise Housing Society Lehtrar Road Islamabad has been found with no ownership documents of the land. “The management of society occupied the CDA land and started selling plots in the name of housing society. Beyond any doubt, it is CDA land,” an official at the CDA told this scribe. The authority has sent a letter to the management of the society asking it to suspend the sale of plots immediately and approach the authority with ownership documents if any to proof their claim over the land.