Public offices are made for the ‘public’ and to serve the masses but in Pakistan it seems to be the other way around, they are there to rule over us and order us! Recently, I visited the National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) office in KARCHI and was surprised to see the behaviour and nonprofessional attitude of the staff. The help desk was inside the office boundary and the security person was preventing people from entering the office, despite their need for information about the CNIC, Form-B and other documents. Either the help desk should have been installed near the entrance or the masses should be allowed to enter. In a country where the majority is illiterate and seeks help from government offices, this arrangement is a real obstacle.

When a higher authority was contacted the officer responded with arrogance and said that the arrangements were correct and said that illiterate people should not be allowed inside. This gives rise to fake and fraud personal to set their business outside who earn because of the ignorance of the masses. It must be noted that the office charges a lot of money in the name of fee and urgent fees and people are paying clients. The authorities concerned are requested to organize special training on ethical and moral grooming for these public servants and make them realize that their salaries are paid by the taxes of the masses.


Karachi, May 8.