LAHORE - In a bid to implement new laws to eliminate terrorism, the Punjab government has augmented pace of summary trials besides routine prosecution and convicted a good number of suspects, it has been learnt.

Official data collected from January 9 to May 11, 2015 disclosed that 19,239 cases were registered, 20,472 suspected people were arrested, challans of 16,281 persons were submitted under the newly promulgated ordinances in Punjab to curb terrorism.

Moreover, the data further shows that total 2,315 cases were decided and 2,001 suspected criminals were convicted while 225 suspected were acquitted.

Official statistics reveals that under the Punjab Sound Systems (Regulation) Ordinance 2015, as many as 3,794 cases were registered, 3,928 people were arrested, challans of 3,551 were submitted to the courts that decided 1,120 cases and 935 accused were convicted while 106 were acquitted for lack of evidence.

Likewise, under the Punjab Information of Temporary Residents Ordinance 2015, about 3,129 cases were registered against the violators, 4,224 were arrested by the law enforcing agencies, challans of 2,572 could be submitted to courts that decided 853 cases thus punishing 774 criminals and acquitting 69 persons on this account.

Under the Punjab Prohibition of Expressing Matters on Walls Amendment Ordinance 2015, police registered 618 cases against the outlaws; arrested 612 while challans in 528 cases were put before the courts that decided 205 cases and awarded punishments in 175 cases while 30 suspects were released declaring them innocent.

Under the Punjab Arms Amendment Ordinance 2015, the law enforcing agencies registered 11,698 cases and arrested 11,708 accused, presented challans of 9,630 persons to the courts that decided 137 cases thus convicted 117 and acquitted 20 accused.

A senior officer of the Home Department conditioning anonymity told this scribe that the provincial government in a move to eliminate all traces of terrorism succeeded to achieve the goals. He said that illicit arms in the province, sectarian speeches on loudspeakers, temporary residents and wall chalking issues were successfully addressed.

Dubbing it a historic success, he apprised that the government found lacunas while implementing the laws specially the police and civil administrations acted violently while dealing with the hard core elements.

The Punjab government had ordered the police and administration to start implementation of the new laws on loudspeakers, temporary residents, loudspeakers and wall chalking strictly.

He said that public display of weapons is prohibited throughout the province otherwise the penalty under the law could lead to imprisonment and fine. Likewise, there is no violation of the loudspeakers, wall chalking and information regarding temporary residents. He said that the police department monitored the temporary residents and successfully gathered information about them and the home department checked it.

Data further shows that a good number of arrests were made by the law enforcing agencies after they found suspicion on people, trials were completed and the courts decided them rapidly for terrorism-related offences that resulted in convictions.