A:     I cant believe they tried to hire a girl for not being able to keep long hours at work. Don’t they know how hard it is for women to work already, and then keep them till dark and pressurizing them… its inhumane.

S:     Ameen, it’s a business, not a charity. Its not like she was volunteering. If she cant put in the hours then there is no other solution. Her gender doesn’t matter, her productivity does.

A:     Tell that to society, that she has to live in. My sister came home from work after 8 pm one day, and you should have heard the horrible things my grandmother said to.

S:     Look, you’re the one who supports these social structures. It’s you who doesn’t like your sister mingling with the other sex. It’s your father who hates the fact that she is working and not married. You have to change, the workplace doesn’t.

A:     Look, in places like the UAE, weekend holidays and office hours are according to the local custom.

S:     In places like the UAE, local women don’t really work anyway, it’s the immigrants and expatriates who run the economy. Send your sister to the UAE and she’ll be working long hours there too.

A:     Since when did this become about my sister?

S:     Trust you to make this a matter of “honor”.