KARACHI - The leaflets found from the pool of blood in the attacked bus were inscribed with words: Advent of the Islamic State, News to Rawafidh’s (infidels) terrible fate, Daulatul Islamiyyah Baaqiya”. They read: Beware, Mujahideen of Daulatul Islamiyyah in Khorasan led by the loyal troops of the Khalifah of all Muslims have entered the battlefield for retribution and for the implementation of Shariah. This attack is in retaliation of the barbaric atrocities against the Ahle Sunnat wal Jammat by the Rawafidh, especially against the women, in the Levant, Iraq and Yemen.

Connecting it with local incidents, it said it is a revenge for “the martyrdom of innocent Muslims at the hands of the Rawafidh in Raja Bazaar, Rawalpindi. The martyred students of Laal Masjid…  Martyrdom of Mujahideen in Keamari (Karachi) and other fake encounters by scum like Rao Anwar and others foul officers”.

It further read, “O solider of Rawafidh and Taaghut! We swear that we will continue to make you and your family shed tears of blood and will not rest until we rid this land of your filthy existence and implement the Shariah on it”. Despite the claimed by Daulatul Islamiyyah Baaqiya, Junduallah has also been claimed the responsibility of the terrorist attack.

Similar leaflets were also been found earlier in some militant attacks in different areas of the city in last couple of months. Particularly, IS or Daish leaflets were also found at the crime scene when vice-principal of the Jinnah Medical and Dental College’s student affairs wing – Debra Logo – was shot and seriously injured on Shaheed-e-Millat Road on April 17 by at least four armed men riding two motorcycles.

In the past, the security agencies including police always seemed to be ignoring the presence of the IS network in Karachi saying that there could be some individual supporters of the IS but there is no IS network in Karachi; however, so far the police has remained unable to trace and arrest the culprits of such attacks.