It’s hard to imagine your mobile phone evoking the kind of terror associated with Jaws, but you’ve actually got more reason to be afraid of taking a selfie than of encountering a Great White. According to statistics, selfies are officially more deadly than sharks (and taking a selfie with a shark is downright foolhardy). 

Twelve people have died so far this year on their quest to get the perfect snap, compared to eight killed in shark attacks. 

Earlier this year, the Russian police force even issued a warning brochure aimed at discouraging selfie addicts from risking their lives to get the perfect shot, following a spate of fatalities linked to the social media fad. 

Careless falls are the leading cause of ‘selfie death’, followed by collision with a train. Other sticky ends met by reckless selfie-takers this year include being gored by a bull and being accidentally blown up by a grenade. 

People have some brains and if not, Governments should be sensible enough to apply laws to curtail losses. 


Karachi, April 3.