China has been Pakistan’s all weather friend; supporting it through its ups and down, and taking a stand wherever necessary. As tensions rise on the border, with Iran and Afghanistan both accusing Pakistan of housing terrorists; China provides the necessary support and the required boost in diplomatic stability.

President Xi Jinping invited the Prime Minister of Pakistan, Mr Nawaz Sharif, along with his envoy to attend the two-day Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation in Beijing. China is known for its policies of cooperation and developmental growth. This forum is a proof of that.

While the United States is getting wary of Pakistan and giving in to the isolationist policies of India, China provides the safe haven in such circumstances. The One Belt One Road project will not only be beneficial to China alone but will also improve Pakistan’s economically significantly.

Income opportunities will increase, and so will the stability in the region. China acknowledges the cooperation of Pakistan in the projects and deems it necessary to include Pakistan in the economic plans of the region.

The forum will also provide investment opportunities. Nawaz Sharif and the federal ministers will be meeting leading businessmen to increase and welcome foreign investment in the country. Hence, this trip holds high value for the country.

To further improve the bilateral relations, PM Nawaz will also be meeting the top leadership of the country. It is a crucial time for Pakistan, and it needs China on its side to prove its innocence. China holds the necessary cards to stabilise the situation and put a halt to the cornering of Pakistan.

Several leaders from other countries will also be present there to discuss areas in which cooperation is mandatory and can improve the current setup. Major projects related to investment, trade, and connectivity will be finalised. A need for people to people exchanges has also been highlighted. This will help lessen the tensions between countries, and reduce xenophobia.

Chinese Foreign Ministry has highlighted the need for long term projects, which are result oriented and will significantly change the landscape of the countries. China’s approach towards countries and their problems has always been very understanding and the solutions provided have been very sustainable.

Hence, it is not only important to be a part of this project but to also play a part in the effort. International cooperation is very necessary to ease conflicts, and Pakistan’s participation in these matters will prove its desire towards being a cooperative member of the international network.