KAMALIA-The executive body meeting of District Private Schools Association (DPSA) was held at Toba Tek Singh the other day.

The meeting was chaired by DPSA district president Ch Jameel.

During the meeting, it was decided that all private schools in Toba Tek Singh would be closed for summer holidays from May 17, as per the announcement of the Punjab government.

Private schools in Toba Tek Singh district will not collect three-month advance fee.

Rather, the fee will be charged by month to reduce burden on parents. Security matters were also discussed during the meeting.


It has been observed in a social poll here that the teachers posted in the government schools across Punjab are given a target by the education department for students’ enrolment every year.

For the purpose, they go door to door in adjoining areas of their schools and plead parents to send their children to school.

Sometimes, when some parents do not send their children to schools, the teacher is blamed for inefficiency which causes a severe mental stress for him or her.

Female teachers have to bear additional stress due to social norms and face more frustration and stress.

The teachers demand Chief Justice of Pakistan Saqib Nisaar to get them rid of this mental stress.

They urged him to order the authorities concerned to form a separate department for the enrolment of children in schools.