KHYBER AGENCY - Under the banner of Khugakhel Youth Organisation, a protest demonstration against closing down of Qaumi Adda (taxi stand) was held here at Bacha Square, Landi Kotal Bazaar on Sunday.

Large number of Khugakhel tribesmen while holding black flags and banners inscribed with slogans  in favour of their demands chanted full-throat slogans against resumption of the Torkham taxi stand and expulsion of National Logistics Cell (NLC) from their lands. The tribesmen have been accusing the government-run firm for having occupied their lands in excess of an agreement signed between the NLC and the local people. The NLC denies the allegation.

Addressing on the occasion, the protesters’ leaders including Mirajuddin Shinwari, Mufti Ijaz, Zarqeeb Shinwari and others said that Torkham taxi stand, owned by Khugakhel tribe, had been closed down by the administration for the last 20 months due to dispute of two contractors of the stand that deprived the tribesmen of millions rupees of income.

“We have repeatedly requested the political administration officials to resume the taxi stand but instead of addressing the issue, they have turned blind eyes towards the matter”, they maintained.

They threatened that if the matter was not resolved in two days, there would be no choice left with them other than to get hold of their property by force and restart the taxi stand.

At the end, the protesters marched to Landi Kotal Press Club wherefrom they dispersed peacefully.