Social security is a growing issue; different institutes have been developed across the globe to adorn the society through economic, political, social and environmental policies. How all these institutes are performing their duties is difficult to explain in one or two paragraphs. But the good and strong interaction between environment and community is the need of societal development. Scientifically, it has also been proved that human being is a major part of environmental disturbance. According to observations, our local society is found to be highly involved in environmental pollution by throwing trash (solid waste) at public places. Large number of people is dying and/or at risk of death in Pakistan by waste related diseases including gastrointestinal, stomach pain, vomiting and diarrhea, cholera, typhoid, malaria skin diseases and respiratory allergies. In modern era, the social changes are needed to combat with the growing environmental issues. 

The backbone of the discussion is how to educate our society? It is not an easy task but is the need of the hour. Firstly, we need to know that why our community is careless about pollution? Is it because of the lack of education or innovative technologies? Low education might be a reason behind the environmental contamination by throwing solid waste at public places but well educated people are also found to be involved in this activity. After the analysis, I contrived that the carelessness about environmental pollution is a matter of personal attitude. So, we need to focus on personality development accompanied by education. After parents and teachers, government should establish formal and informal training sessions regarding personality development for creating awareness about how to keep environment clean? The collective and individual efforts of society towards the healthy environment can secure our community from diseases. It can also have a positive impact on our economy by reducing the labor cost of garbage management and medical cost by reducing the health risks. Let’s promise ourselves to not throw garbage on the roads and public places. This little act can change the future of our coming generations and want to give your children a better, a cleaner and a nicer world to live. Remember, No person, leader or politician can change the environment alone. It’s you and me who have to change the attitude towards our beautiful and natural environment blessed by Allah. 

M M Wali,  

Saudi Arabia, May 5.